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I am very interested in what makes people contented with their lives. I don't mean just what makes people  feel "happy", because none of us can be happy all the time!

Some days, the cockatoos eat my quinces and I am not pleased about it.

Some days, my bouncy dog offends strangers in the park and I am a bit mortified.

Some days, my feet need a rub and they don't get it.

We all have those days.

What interests me, is thinking about what we can do in our lives that helps us ride out those bumpy bits. 

A long time ago, I studied how to help people use healthy foods, plant medicines and ways of thinking, to make their lives easier. I love pondering how we can help ourselves in simple, everyday ways. Here are some of my favourite tips for beating the quince-eating, cockie blues:

Spending time in my garden among the trees and plants. I whisper encouraging

words and admire their show of leaf, flower, fruit and seed.

Sometimes their beauty makes me gasp.

Dancing - especially to music without words. For me, nothing can change

a bumpy bit into a contented bit, like dancing. 

Talking and laughing with a good friend. One of those friends that you can

tell anything to and they won't run away.

These friends are "keepers". 

Pretending I'm a rolling pin and rolling on my lounge room floor. This way

and that way...any way at all. It always feels good. 

Freshly picking and eating something from my garden

(something safe for human bellies, of course). I love to eat

directly from a plant that I have helped to grow.

I always thank it for feeding me. 

Having a hug with someone I love. I am lucky to have three people

living in my house who are good for hugs. My dog is always

enthusiastic (sometimes too much so), my cat obliging, and even the chooks

have helped me out on the odd occasion. 

Curling up with a book while sipping my choice-of-the-moment,

herbal tea in my choice-of-the-moment, handmade mug.

I'm sure you can think of your own favourite ways to beat the quince-eating, cockie blues. Although, perhaps you don't like quinces? Wow. That's a thought. 


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