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My childhood was spent on acreage, firstly in Gippsland and then in Central

Victoria. These are very different landscapes but I grew to love them both.

I was the last baby born into a large family (six children) and I was rather

pint-sized for a very long time.  

We had an ever-changing number of cats, a pony, goats, ducks, a rabbit,

a cockatoo, budgerigars and of course, chooks. I love chooks. I secretly think that

when I'm an old lady, I will have a fluffy chook living in every drawer in my

house. Only if they're happy there, of course.

spent my early adulthood living, studying and working in Melbourne before heading to London for my first big adventure. Obviously, I had many adventures as a child (as all children do), but this was my first grown up adventure. I lived in England for almost three years and traveled to many different countries where I heard beautiful languages spoken, saw amazing things that humans have made and climbed breathtaking mountains. One day, I hope to return to say "hello" to some of those mountains. 

Since then, I have studied how to help people feel better if they are unwell and I have grown my own family which has been a delight. I spend my weeks caring for family, dancing and striking yoga poses with pre-school children and writing when I get the chance to sit down. I do love those chances to sit down...

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