My childhood was spent on acreage, firstly in Gippsland and

then in Central Victoria. These are very different landscapes

but I grew to love them both. I was the last baby born in a large

family (six children) and I was rather pint-sized for a very long



We had an ever-changing number of cats, a pony, goats, ducks,

a rabbit, budgerigars and of course, chooks. I love chooks. I

secretly think that when I'm an old lady, I will have a fluffy

chook living in every drawer in my house. Only if they're happy, of course.

I spent my early adulthood living and studying in Melbourne before heading to London for my first big adventure. Obviously, I had many adventures as a child (as all children do), but this was my first grown up adventure. I lived in England for almost three years and traveled to many different countries where I heard beautiful languages spoken, saw amazing things that humans have made and climbed breathtaking mountains. One day, I hope to return to say "hello" to some of those mountains. 

Since then, I have studied how to help people feel better if they are unwell and I have grown my own family which has been a delight. I spend my weeks dancing and striking yoga poses with pre-school children, helping a wondrous child with special needs and writing when I get the chance to sit down. My heavens, I like to sit down.   

© 2019 Kate McGann