My picture book, The Glint of Gold is due out in late 2020. It will be published by

Little Pink Dog Books.

I am currently working away on my next manuscript. I can be spotted pulling over to the

roadside in my car, madly jotting ideas down before they fly out the window behind me. 

My favourite children's books include anything involving Milly Molly Mandy, Anne of

Green Gables, Emily of New Moon and Tammylan (from Enid Blyton's Children of

Cherry Tree Farm series). The picture books I can't live without are Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge and Amos & Boris. My son is named "Amos" but I promise he is not named after a mouse. And no, my daughter is not named "Boris".

I believe reading is one of the most glorious and daring things we can do. Here's to being glorious and daring!


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