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'Gilded with lyricism...' 

'As heartwarming as a hug from your mum...'


'An antidote and beautiful reminder to stop, notice and appreciate.'

'Perfectly timed...needs to be on everyone’s wellbeing shelf!'


'A beautiful story at any time but especially powerful right now.'

My picture book, The Glint of Gold  was released on 1st September, 2021. The first day of Spring! It is beautifully illustrated by Patricia Ward and published by Little Pink Dog Books.

'It's there every day if you look for it.

The glint of gold.'

A story of mindfulness, gratitude and hope.


Reviews of The Glint of Gold:

  • 'The Glint of Gold is a paean to life’s golden moments....Such a lovely, wise message for us all in difficult times!' 
    - Angela Crocombe, Readings

  • 'By focusing on simple elements and actions that kids encounter every day, Kate encourages them to appreciate the many small but significant things that can generate joy.'
    - Dannielle Viera, Buzz Words Magazine

  • 'For an adult to have the opportunity of sharing this book with a young child, that's gold enough for both.'
    - Norah Colvin, readilearn

The Glint of Gold can be purchased or ordered at your treasured local bookshop.


It can also be found online at:


Little Pink Dog Books





...and other online outlets.

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